Ko Rangi Ko Papa

Ko Rangi Ko Papa
Ka puta ko Rongo,
Ko Tane Mahuta
Ko Tangaroa
Ko Tumatauenga
Ko Haumietiketike
Ko Tawhirimatea
Tokona te Rangi ki runga
Ko Papa ki raro
Ka puta ki te whai ao ki te ao marama
Tihe i a mauriora!
koru hand painted rock
I just can’t get away from Rangi and Papa because Rangi and Papa is where its at! This is where I get my inspiration from in everything that I do, there is no purer love, than the unconditional love shared between Rangi and Papa and after everything is gone, done and dusted, there is still Rangi and Papa.
I am looking at everything that is happening in the world and am still wondering why people are not paying attention to all these natural disasters? Natural disasters that have been created by the hands of humans and Rangi and Papa are doing their thing I believe…enough is enough they are saying and if we don’t pay attention now and change our ways then there will be consequences…
Lets start now…kia puta ki te whai ao, ki te ao marama – tihe i a mauriora!

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