It’s important to tell our stories. Looking back over the past 300+ days I can see the importance of story as a way of connecting with one another, to be inspired or moved in some way and to add to the conversation and share our own stories.
koru hand painted rocks
It’s the sharing of our stories that helps us make sense of the world. The stories we tell and share that have been fashioned from our own lives, that are then told, passed on and recreated into other stories, new and inspiring.
It’s our stories that give us life.
Stories are a way of understanding where we have come from, who we are, who our ancestors were and where we might go into the future. They are also those experiences from moment to moment that may become stories into the future and that reflect our stories of past.
Stories have a life of their own – they are forever.
There are very little stories or photos of my grandparents, even my mother’s and father’s generation that I can refer to, very little. So it has become more important for me to tell my stories every day as a documentation for future generations.
Stories, told in many ways – through our creations, music, written on paper or just in conversation. But whatever way we capture them we must capture them and share them.
Jo x

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