Make Time

I haven’t painted a small rock like this for a while but out of all the rocks that I have painted this year, these tiny ones although small, are the most special to me.
koru hand painted rocks
One of our friends called in tonight, just to have a kōrero and say hi. It’s those thoughts and small gestures of caring and aroha that can make all the difference in our lives. Making time to stop in and spend time with friends or whānau instead of leaving it until next time. Reminding each other that we love each other.
I have all my small rocks lined up in a row on two window sills and it’s wonderful to remember that each one has a story and each one is meaningful for a time, a person a place, but also meaningful for this time too – right now.
So I just want to say, if you have ever been a part of my life up until now, at any time or place – thank-you and if you are ever passing by, do call in because you never know – we may not see each other again.
Jo x

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