Human Nature

Whenever he sung, he sung from his heart.
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Michael Jackson for me is THE most amazing artist and musician that has ever lived. No-one in my life time has ever come close to him. And I want to honour him today because as I watch the story of his life unfold, I realise he was an amazing human being who inspired many, right from a child to the day he died.
He was one of the most sensitive, cleverest and loving people and he was a real humanitarian, someone who cared about life, about others and about the environment. He was tuned in and unfortunately some people wanted to make a drama of his life because he seemed too good to be true.
Much to his demise also, he was a perfectionist and so he strived to be the best until the day he died. He wanted to be good in the eyes of others and his outward success was to eventually become his fate at such a young age. The pressure and stress became too much.
Why am I writing about this? I’ve just watched Michael Jackson – The Life Of An Icon – a new release on video here in Aotearoa and it puts the record straight, spoken by many of his friends and family who tell his story as it was.
His heart was in his music – he loved to perform, he was caring, he was passionate, he strived to be the best.
And his success did not come from the money that he had, he was always trying to give that away, but it was the music that he made, the songs he sung and the legacy that he will leave for many generations to come.
I remember watching another documentary – This Is It which came out not long after he had passed away. He was practicing for his last worldwide tour. I remember watching this master construct a stage show to perfection – a show which would never be performed live. But I saw in that video the “art” of Michael Jackson, and he was a genius. The words I remember from that documentary, “we have four years…” and I believe he was talking about the state our world is in at the moment.
Beneath our mirror here at home in the bathroom, we have the words, “if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change…”
I see those words everyday and everyday I strive to heal a small part of me. Michael Jackson did not start me on this journey of healing by the way, I have been on this journey for over 20 years but he does inspire me very much and will inspire me for many years to come.
Jo x

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