Spilling Out

Gosh, it’s taken me a while to write this post! So I’m just gonna have a “spilling out” session and anything goes!
koru hand painted rocks
I wonder if it’s all the political stuff that I’m exposing myself to lately. It does make me angry and it does put a bad feeling in my gut sometimes, like I wanna spew. Especially the ignorance of some people toward things Māori. I am Māori, I am of this land and it affects me.
So perhaps I’m just having a rant now, upset at sometimes feeling powerless within my own country which is perhaps the reason why people don’t bother with politics anyway.

Power and control. I wonder, if politicians were told today that they had to do what they do “for love”, how many of them would still be there? That’ll sort the real ones out from the fakes I bet.

People need to feel empowered, they need to feel like it’s ok to be who they are, that it’s ok to be who we are, that it’s ok to be who you are, and yes we are allowed to create our own destiny without having to worry about whether history will unfold to repeat itself again…history is already repeating…
Respect. People need to be respected. Power and control needs to be kicked to the curb (this seems to be my saying for the day!) and people should be allowed to protect what is there’s, to protect what is there’s to protect, and to be who they are…
Weight off shoulders. I must of needed that. It was like having a spew, but I feel much better now…
Jo x

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