Internal Layers

Sometimes when I paint a rock, it’s easy. I can paint it in ten minutes. Other times like today, it will take me forever!
koru hand painted rocks
But I’ve learnt to just go with it, to work through whatever the block is, because each rock like this rock with many layers, is stripping away the internal layers of conditioning that have said to me in the past, you can’t do this (yes I can), this is not good enough (in whose eyes?), people will be critical of your work (of course – and?) and so on…
So the layers that I pile onto a rock have a purpose, a very good purpose. They help me move through those internal barriers that at the end of it all, transmute themselves into this beautiful work of art right before my eyes.
And here I am at Day 193! I’ve painted a rock a day for 193 days of the year and I betcha it won’t be long before I’ll be saying Day 300! And of course I will get there, not without a challenge, but I will get there!
Jo x

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