This is my mantra for the day that I created this morning as I sat down to do my healing codes. It may not make sense to you all, but it makes perfect sense for me and has guided me throughout my day.
koru hand painted rocks
I have nothing to fear
Making mistakes are important steps in my learning journey
they allow me to refine my journey
my art, my story
and bring forward my truth
for all to see
One step at a time is all it takes
And I AM good enough!
I AM needed in this world.
Jo x
For those who do not know what the Healing Codes are, it is a form of healing that I started a year ago which I have just started to do again after 6 months not practicing. Other than Vipassana meditation which I practiced for six years, it is the only other form of healing that I’ve used that has healed the underlying cause of problems.

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