It’s Day 50 – yay!! I think that my rock of the day kaupapa is well and truly in my psyche now! Lets see what it will be like at day 150, day 200 and day 365! – I think I’ll have to have a ROCK party at the end of it all!
So its a short post from me today as I head out the door to Reggaelution with my nieces who think their Aunty is SO cool, they want to go out with me lol And they’re trying to dress me up!! But I’ve got news for them -ha!
koru hand painted rocks
I painted my rock for today at Te Matatini and its a continuation of yesterday’s circles. I’m really liking them…It is also a reflection of all the Te Arawa teams that performed today and honours my grandmother, Arai te uru who is from Te Arawa, Tuhourangi-Ngati Wahiao…
I watched our wahine Maori on stage today and was in awe at the beauty and inner strength of these beautiful wahine! Again very grounding and feeling proud to be Maori!
Ma te wa – until then
Jo x

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