Silver Lining

I sat to paint my rock today and I had all these thoughts in my mind about what it was going to be (actually I started with four rocks and called it four stones lol) and then all of that went out the window!
koru hand painted rocks
And then once I had finished “one” rock, I thought oh this will look kind of cool with this sort of photo in this kind of setting and then…NOT to be.
I even chose all the colours of paint and squeezed the paint out onto the tray but only used two of the four colours there.
And then when I went to actually photograph the rocks, what I thought was cool wasn’t really cool at all BUT then, the photo opportunities presented themselves like shining bright lights, sort of like when I go collecting rocks at the beach in Taranaki. I look down the beach and all these beaming bright rocks are saying pick me pick me!
I have no idea why today of all days I decided that I would try and control every part of this process or “think” about it rather than just do. Perhaps it was to just bring me back to that place of “knowing” and “trust” again to allow things to unfold and to not push so hard with things…
And what is that saying? Every cloud has a silver lining? Well this rock has a silver lining – literally – the paint underneath is silver. But every rock I paint has a silver lining and sometimes its hard to comprehend or even express what the messages are from the rocks but I know there are always messages in there somewhere and if I just wait… then all will be revealed…
Jo x

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  1. hey sista!! this is absolutely fabulous! i love the kaupapa… i love the every single rock you paint and the message within each 1. every day you inspire me! Ngā mihi aroha sis xx

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