Small Wonders

Today’s rock and the three rocks before have all been very small rocks! I enjoy painting the small rocks, despite them sometimes being harder to paint! There is something about these tiny gems that is appealing…
Perhaps it is because they can fall easily into a pocket to be kept cosy and warm or held safely in the palm of your hand…such small wonders…I wonder which larger rock they have come from and how many flows of water did it take to make them so small?
koru hand painted rocks
Shaped so perfectly…
It reminds me of the little things in life, those things that make all the difference…
So if you find the small wonders in your day, you’ll realise that life is full of them and they bring a certain magic and belief that anything is possible.
Jo x

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  1. Oh ~ SO true … it IS the little things that brighten each and every day ~~~ I like to think of my little ones as well travelled ~ smaller in physical size and so much greater for that very reason … we can learn much from those who have already travelled their path … 🙂

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