From Right to Left

Does anyone else read the newspaper from right to left, from back to front? As I painted today’s rock (from right to left) I was reminded of my apparent dsylexia, getting words and things around the wrong way…
koru hand painted rock
It could perhaps have to do with the fact that I am left-handed why I paint from right to left although I don’t do this all the time and there are actually some things I do with my right hand such as use scissors and hit a golf ball with both a right and left hand golf club! So there haha!
But anyway, does anyone else go from right to left is what I want to know?
It just feels right to read from right to left. I don’t actually read the newspaper very often, only when I get it from the Polytech for free on a Thurs and then I go straight to the art section at the back and thats about my reading… unless it’s really really interesting stuff!
And I do read books from left to right but I have a tendency to have at least five books on the go and I like to jump all around the place in a book unless it’s a really good one and I have to read the whole thing from front to back! So you could say I like to read books in circles?!
A light-hearted kōrero for today : )
Jo x

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