Side Streets

I am totally fascinated by the side streets here in Istanbul – specifically those that I walk past and experience everyday…
koru hand painted rocks
I was led down one today, this live acoustic music was playing and I sat to just listen and experience the music as it wafted out the door. There were three of us in the street, I’m not sure if the two young ladies were listening or whether they were seeking the quiet away from the busyness of the main street – but there was an eeriness in the air – I felt like this music was for me. I felt like a follower of the pied piper or something like that!
But every street has a story and each story is woven into the magic of this place that is full of contrast, colour and contradictions that somehow get thrown back into the mix to reveal a melting pot of culture, wonder and beauty… I never thought that I would say a place like this with little nature could be beautiful – but it is beautiful in it’s own special way.
Jo x

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