Big Sisters

Well I was going to a workshop today only to get there and it had been cancelled! But kei te pai – I had an adventure on the way back, found a book festival and a few more side streets and things happening about the place. There is no shortage of things to do and photographic opportunities!
Anyway, rā whānau to my big sister today!! Big sisters… hmmm where do I start?
koru hand painted rocks
They can be annoying at times constantly trying to tell you how to live your life lol but on the other hand they can be comforting too.
I remember when I was little, this big sister used to come home from a night out – she must have only been in her teens (now her daughter my niece who has recently turned 16 will probably read this and take advantage of the situation – but oh well!) and she would bring us hot chips from Joe’s diner, the only place that was open where you could get food after a night out.. anyway, we would also say our prayers together lol – but it was comforting.
And then she left Aotearoa, she went out into the big wide world, a teenager still, she moved to Australia and left us her younger sister’s at home. It was devastating, no big sister to sit and watch a movie with and hear screaming while watching the movie (she still does this by the way – in her 40s now!) No big sister to look after us and watch over us!
But she had her own life and had to go out into the world… we’ve always been close, our grandmother passed away on my birthday and was buried on her birthday and so we always have that connection as well as our sisterly – virgo connection too.
Anyway, that’s my big sister story – and happy birthday sister!! This stone was given to me by Sonja and is one of the many she brought to Istanbul for me that she had gathered on her journey through Europe. It is from Croatia and feels very much like a home stone.
Jo x

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