Free Spirit

Catching up on sleep today. I woke at 10am Istanbul time and went on a bus tour, came back and slept for another four hours! I reckon I’ve tuned into Istanbul time now, but am heading home on Thurs – back to a different timezone, different weather…
koru hand painted rocks
I’ve really enjoyed the weather here. Even though it has been up in the 30s, it’s easy to tolerate, more humid than burning hot but not too humid. And most times there is shade to walk in.
Today I want to talk about being a free spirit. It’s so important to honour self – who you are. Sometimes we go through life trying to please others, or live up to other’s expectations and yet we really yearn for acceptance. We want people to accept us for who we are and what WE choose to do in our lives.
Being here in Istanbul, has reminded me of my freedom and I’m grateful that I have people around me who accept this. I also believe it takes a lot of courage to be a free spirit and we risk losing many things that are important to us, but we gain so much more by being free and being who we are.
Time for another moe! I am up early in the morning – heading over to the Sanbanci Center in Levent for a panel session on art and business – just up my alley! Something to take back to the students…
Jo x
Good morning NZ – good night Istanbul!

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