Sea and Clouds

I flew home to Gisborne from Taranaki today and captured some wonderful photos from the sky. I was hoping to capture Taranaki maunga as we left but I was on the wrong side of the plane!! So settled for some of the rugged Taranaki coastline instead…which of course is beautiful!
koru hand painted rock
But as we left Wellington I looked across the water and there he was in the distance…aaaahhh…I felt like he was doing a big mihi to me…kia kaua e wareware kia hoki mai…it was a special moment…I also looked down to Poneke, to Wellington city and thought of those who marched to parliament to oppose the marine and coastal area bill…and saw this beautiful coastline in the distance…
I took some wonderful photos of some fluffy clouds before going into them on our descent and remembered as a child laying down in the grass observing them as they floated by. I used to see all sorts of shapes, patterns and faces…I felt like a kid again sitting at the window of the plane waiting for the next moment to capture on camera. From Taranaki to Wellington the falla next door was trying to have a conversation with me and all I was worried about was looking out the window lol. I even caught another plane on video – well I think it was a plane, it was moving pretty fast!!
You can see my photos I took today in this album:
I’m not sure where I sit with this new marine and coastal area bill, I didn’t really understand the foreshore and seabed act but what I do know is that I have an intrinsic connection to the sea and the land and no matter what parliament says, or anyone for that matter, no one can take that away from me.
If you look closely you will be able to see the sea and clouds in this rock…The photos I took today are of the sea and the clouds and one photo is like a wave of cloud moving across the sky!
Jo 🙂

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