Today is Day 84! Wow! 84 days ago I decided that I would paint a rock a day…I remember that day…yes I’m going to do it, nah I’m not! Yes I will, no I won’t, yes I will, yes I did! The fact that I was going to be painting a rock a day was enough of a challenge for me, but to also tell the world about it? That was a major for me.
My first rock on Jan 1st 2011 was all about facing that fear I talk about above. Putting myself out there, opening myself up…here is that first post.
koru hand painted rocks
So what have I learnt after 84 days? Heaps!!!
I’ve learnt that I can commit to something and follow through with it.

I’ve learnt that if you do something enough it does become habit and becomes a part of who you are. This project, these rocks are very much a part of who I am. They are like my daily journal writings, my internal dialogue coming out on a rock and in the words I write with the rocks.
I’ve learnt that these rocks connect people, they connect me to people and they connect people to me. Those who choose to connect with these rocks, these rocks are for them.
I’ve also learnt that some people will stop by every single day but they will not say a word. These rocks are for them also.
I’ve learnt that not everyone will like what I do.
And I’ve learnt that that’s ok!
I’ve also learnt that many people love what I do, they love these rocks and I am humbled by all the attention they have been getting.
I’ve learnt so many things about myself and one of the most important things is that this is not about me at all.
The list could go on forever! Perhaps at Day 168 I will stop and reflect again…
Happy birthday to Gaye Ireland! This rock is for you…
Jo x

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