Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to stop, relax and listen to whats going on around us and more importantly what is going on within us. I’ve been so busy this year, well actually last year’s busyness has flowed into this year. It’s been a good busy though, doing things that I’m passionate about and love to do but it’s so important to just take stock and breathe…
koru hand painted rock
Jacquie a good friend of mine texted me the other day from Australia, randomly as she does, but not really random because everything she says is always profound and important for me. Her words were words of encouragement reminding me of my many gifts that I have and that I should in her words, “write down what some of those things are today and each day till you’re exhausted”
So I’m sharing her thoughts with you today.
This evening, I had my artist talk at Puke Ariki and am so grateful for those who supported the kaupapa and gave their feedback this evening. It reminded me of the importance of my work and why I am so passionate about storytelling and art as a way of sharing messages and bringing about change.
And rā whānau ki a koe Gillybean!! Happy birthday! Hope you’ve had an awesome day kare!
Jo x
PS – I’ve now stopped to relax with…chocolate!! I’m listening within and its telling me that I SHOULD have chocolate, one for every gift that I have, and I have a few haha!!

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