Right Now

What matters today, right here, right now?

So many things swishing around in this brain of mine – a realisation that this year is nearly over and in 36 more days it will be 2012!
koru hand painted rocks
My goodness – time is so precious, every day we must embrace, each day has meaning, every minute important and sometimes hard in amongst the storms that blow through now and then.
Today’s rock is from the Mohaka river – a beautiful white-ish stone, slightly textured, small and delicate, a lovely energy. I gathered a few stones from the Mohaka river and some of them carrying shells inside creating patterns within now smooth stones that resemble stories of old.
These two koru, like two pillars that stand side by side – the space in between that allows air to flow through…
Two pillars that give strength to each other and hold up the roof above, a solid foundation…
Much aroha to Di and Pete who celebrate their aroha for one another today.
Jo x

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