A Feeling

I remember the feeling of selling my first piece of art work, there was nothing quite like that feeling! I can’t remember the exact amount I sold the artwork for, it didn’t matter, but that feeling of satisfaction – wow, unbelievable, awesome, yay me!
koru hand painted rocks
How does success feel? I remember playing a national touch final – the hooter goes to signal the end of the game and you’ve won and you know you’ve won a gold medal – but it’s not the medal that matters, its those months of training and hard work that got you there, the journey, the people you spent time with to get there, that feeling of success is unbelievable. I can still feel it now.
What is that feeling when you lose someone you love – painful, sadness, why me? Why now? Devastation. Confusion. Loss feels SO huge. That feeling we all know at some stage in our lives.
I love it when you help someone – that feeling of – yes – this has made a huge difference to someone else’s life, even for a moment.
The ability to feel, to allow oneself to feel…to really feel in each moment, challenging at times, but feel we must…
Jo x

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