Political Landscape

Well I’ve just returned home from a 60th birthday and I’ve been having a nohi at the election results.
koru hand painted rocks
My goodness, why am I not surprised? National are back in the house but I’m happy for one thing and that is my party vote for GREEN counted tonight.

No longer can we rely on our govt for our health and wellbeing. No longer can we rely on our govt to deliver the things they say they will deliver. No longer can we rely on the govt. Fullstop.
Let us take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. Let’s create our own work, our own opportunities, we do not have to wait for the govt to say go – we can take control of our own lives.
The outcomes of this election have put the importance of my work and my life into perspective. Who I am in this life is now more important than ever – I have work to do!
It’s three more years to the next election in 2014 – let’s hope that our planet survives that far into the future because at the rate we are going, we are going to destroy it before we even get there and if that happens, it will not matter who will be in parliament.
And tonight at the party, those same words reflected on again and again – we must live life fully and enjoy each moment.
Jo x

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