Saying NO

I got a call from a research company tonight and was really annoyed that my evening had been interrupted!! I reacted and ended up sitting on the phone for a good 15 mins answering questions that I wasn’t really hearing because I was too busy reacting to the situation and mumbling under my breath! At another time I might have been ok to answer questions but this was the wrong time!
But it was my own fault! I could of said NO – but I didn’t! And I think in the end this is what really annoyed me, the fact that I should have said NO, but I didn’t.
koru hand painted rock
At times we don’t know how to say NO to people and end up in situations that we don’t really want to be in because we feel an obligation, or we don’t want to let anyone down or we are forever trying to please other people or…and the list goes on!
We fill our lives up by saying YES to everything that comes our way but at the expense sometimes of our own sanity or our own wellbeing.
I can remember many times trying to juggle many things at once, having sleepless nights, stressed, just to fulfill something that I couldn’t say NO to.
One of the things that I’ve found helpful in sorting out the no’s from the yes’s is knowing what my vision or purpose in life is – which totally skipped my mind when I was on the phone! For example, when I’m going through my emails, or sorting through paperwork I ask myself, does this piece of paper or this email or this thing contribute to my vision for my life? If the answer is NO then it gets deleted or thrown away. This is handy especially for those bigger decisions that need to be made. But of course you have to know who you are and what you’re about to be able to do this!! But it’s a very effective tool…
Ahhhh…I feel much better now that I have got that out…writing things is a great form of venting lol
Remember earth hour tonight at 8.30pm wherever you are in the world…and a BIG happy birthday to Nikolien…hope you have had a wonderful day!!!
Jo x

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