I was inspired today by a kōrero from an Irish woman who had been blind from birth but didn’t realise she was blind until she was 17 years old. Her parents instilled in her from three years old, a belief that she could see and so she went about her life – physically blind but still able to see.
koru hand painted rocks
I was amazed at this story. She did have her challenges but her message was that anything is possible.

We put so many limits on what we can achieve, so we achieve small and do not reach our full potential.

I hate to sound so cliche with all this kōrero, but if we believe in what we do, if we set ourselves goals where the sky is the starting point, then the universe will provide whatever we need to achieve those goals. I firmly believe this because I have seen this happen over and over again in my life.
But a word of caution, be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!
Anything is possible.
Rā whānau ki a koe Toby Tahi – three years old today! May this rock be a reminder for you that anything is possible although I imagine right now as a three year old you will find great joy in touching it, looking at the lovely orange colours and adding it to your collection of play rocks!
Jo x
PS – the link to hear this blind woman’s inspirational kōrero on TED http://bit.ly/dQnjMT

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