We have some lovely Māori kupu and pāua is one of them!
pāua – A delicious seafood eaten by Māori especially yummy fried with onions, garlic and did I say creamed?
pāua – A clingy child (or an adult) in some cases. Can also be a close friend.
pāua – The name of the purple colour that is beneath the top layers of this rock.
pāua – the beautiful shell of many colours that houses the delicious seafood. Often used in traditional Māori carving.
koru hand painted rocks
The other day was a kina day, today is a pāua day! Perhaps a craving for a pāua now? Just one!
Also been thinking heaps about this drilling kaupapa and the NZ Government allowing other countries to come and drill in our waters…and the fact that we can’t just go and get a feed anymore like we used to due to the decline of kaimoana in our oceans and in many places it’s just too polluted and not safe to eat!
Sometimes I wish the world would just be sorted and we didn’t have to worry about all this stuff. An unlimited source of kaimoana wold be fantastic and there would be no need to drill for oil because we have enough brains and innovation to come up with alternative sources of energy!
Anyway, am watching Homai te Pakipaki on Māori TV – love it and love our people and their ability to entertain in the moment! And there’s some real hard case people on that programme and SO talented! Young falla singing right now – Tangaroa Te Tai, he’s got a wicked voice, and with a name like that, of course he would! But then all the kai waiata have been awesome!
Jo x
PS Sometimes I use Māori kupu (see! kupu = word) and don’t translate so here is an online dictionary that I find handy for translating from english to Māori and Māori to english. http://maoridictionary.co.nz

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