Six Pixels of Separation

Six Pixels of Separation – It’s the title of a book I’ve read at least five times by Mitch Joel and it speaks about how we are all connected. So if I don’t know you then I will probably know someone who knows you who knows someone you know that I know too…I think you get the picture!

Anyway…today I painted my 100th rock for 2011! I’ve been looking back over the past 99 days and am appreciating the wonderful kōrero that has been shared, the paintings that have been created with the kohatu and the fact that I’ve been able to share these with so many.
What started out as an exercise to be creating everyday has turned into many conversations connecting me to people, connecting people to people and connecting these special kohatu to people. I’ve also learnt a whole lot about FB and how it operates just through the posting of these rocks every day!
koru hand painted rock
So 100 kohatu down, another 265 to go – I still can’t believe 100 days has flown by already!
The kohatu have become a part of my landscape, they are my daily meditation, my one thing I do everyday and I’ve enjoyed sharing them with everyone! So honouring this achievement today… bring on the next 265 days!
Jo x
PS – another revived rock – I’m really loving bringing all these paintings back to life.


  1. Girlfriend!! How are ya Jack?? How is your planning going? Was just thinking about you today and sure enough, here you go popping up to acknowledge that thought!! Hope all is well with you and whanau!! I’m heading to Noosa in May/June for an art residency, will be in Queensland until the 12th June, staying a week longer after the residency to get over to Fraser island but who knows, I may take a bus ride down to Sydney. Love you too xx

    1. Here is the residency link for you to come and stay
      also check out Di Turner at she’s a real implementer and her studio will be up by the time you get here and you’ll have somewhere to do your thing, I’ve told her all about you and she’d love to meet you. This org is a must for you, a digital mecca for artists – Hmmm, check them out and if you get any ideas on something you would like to do here – I would be happy to help.
      Perhaps I can give you a tour here and it may give some ideas to return later, who knows you are like a butterfly and you’ll know where you’ll like to go 🙂 see where the wind moves you…Love jacq

  2. Hey gurl, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    What an incredible achievement and powerful way of living with passion and inspiration, giving it your all from your heart – I love you and what you’re doing.

    Big Blessings

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