I don’t think we play enough! We take life too seriously sometimes – I know I do!
There are days where I wish I was a child again, with no responsibility, free to play whenever and wherever and not have to worry about the world and what is happening in it. Oh to be a child again! Just the other day in a post I was talking about self responsibility and now I want no responsibility lol And yesterday I was talking about planning and now I want to have no plans lol
koru hand painted rock
I was contributing to an online conversation today and after a couple of posts I realised that I’d much rather be playing outside in the garden and enjoying the sunshine and appreciating what I have right now…not that the conversation wasn’t important, because it was, but just in that moment I thought it would be so much better to be playing!
So a playfu rock today, the shape, the colours and the photo! It reminds me of a snail or a journey to the other side of the rainbow…where the pot of gold is waiting of course!
Sleep time I think…
Jo x

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