This is the first day that I’ve really felt the cold! I’m sitting with a blanket wrapped around me as I post this – not wanting to accept that winter is coming! Although I think I’ve softened a bit since living in the East. When I was living up the mountain in Taranaki – now that was cold! It snowed and you could see your breath – you know when you breathe on a cold frosty morning?
koru hand painted rock
I remember as a kid growing up in Waipa village in Rotorua, we would run around in bare feet, stand on the ice puddles and would love running on the frosty grass in the morning. But now, the slightest bit of cold and it’s under the blanket lol
I was walking this morning at 7am and it was cold but it’s that fresh brisk cold that lets you know you’re alive and that kick starts you into gear in the morning – when you can eventually drag yourself out of bed!
Now this is a sure sign that winter is coming – I didn’t paint fast enough to catch the natural light outside for a photo of this rock so I had to use the light box instead. Lucky I’m resourceful and have plan b’s, c’s and d’s aye!
This rock has many layers – it seemed to go on forever with layers of light blue and purple underneath, which is another reason why I missed the natural light – oh well!
Jo x

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