Yesterday’s new moon has prompted me into another ‘getting organised’ mood. So today I’ve been doing exactly that! Getting myself organised for the months ahead, planning for new projects, revisiting ideas and turning them into action plans!
I’ve also been doing tax for what feels like forever but am feeling good about being in control of it and getting it done! So am balancing my creative pursuits with giving attention to the business side of things.
koru hand painted rock
This is what I am trying to instill in art students at the moment – that in order to be successful as an artist, to do what you love and create an income for yourself as a full time artist, you have to have the business sorted! Goal setting, planning and managing finances all need to be done just as much as the creation of art!
If you had asked me ten years ago, do business and art go together? I would have said no. I was too busy creating to be worried about anything else and having to deal with all that ‘stuff’, would just get in the way of my creativity. But after six years of being in business as an artist, I know now that to be successful, you have to be business savvy. Even if you have an accountant to do all your finances, its still important to know what is happening in your business and to plan plan plan!!
I asked the students the other day, “do you think you can be an artist in business?” Most said yes! Which was great! But I also gave them insight into some of the realities of being in business – not getting an income every week like you would if you had a job and the fact that success requires commitment; total commitment to your creativity and a total commitment to do whatever is required to be successful.
Bring on the rest of the year! It’s nice to see the eyes light up, hopeful, to hear the questions of enthusiasm and to know that these are more future artists to fill our universe!! 🙂
Jo x

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