Plane Brain

Someone needs to invent a dictophone thing that can dictate your thoughts as you have them. That’s the wonderful thing about LONG plane rides is that you have a lot of time on your hands in a limited amounted of space…
koru hand painted rocks
So many things going through my plane brain – I call it because it is slightly not all there, lack of oxygen, lack of sleep and just not thinking right but I wanted to carry on with the journey into power theme – so many things have happened so far, unlikely but which have reiterated this journey for me…more on those things later but I want to share something directly from the book that I am reading at the moment, something that was totally in tune with what I was experiencing at the time…Enjoy the kōrero…
“Analysis paralysis is the ego’s way of keeping you rooted in your intellect rather than your spirit. But when you drop your brain, you actually give your body and soul a chance to shine.”
And just want to wish my niece Teiarere a happy 15th birthday today the 10th of Sept in Aotearoa NZ! As I sit and paint this rock in the Doha airport…and funny, we get here and walk off the plane like down the steps off the plane and then a bus comes and picks us up to take us to the transfer terminal lol Ka pai Doha!
Jo : )

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