In My Suitcase

So I’m up at 6.30am this morning painting my rock because when I get to Singapore tonight there will be no time to paint a rock and photograph it and then upload it online!
koru hand painted rocks
So here it is! And I must say that I really enjoyed painting this early in the morning instead of in the late afternoon. And it’s an important rock for me… Last night I said that this was a journey about coming into power and I feel that, a coming into my own and making my mark on the world, in a nice kind of way… further expanding networks and connections and my connection to different lands and people.
And if you’ve just tuned in, I’m heading to Istanbul for ISEA – International Symposium of Electronic Art but in total contrast to this, I am carrying with me a mauri stone (8kg!) that will be exhibited in a space with other Aotearoa artists who will be showing their work also.
The exhibition is called Te-Kore-Rongo-Hungaora – Uncontainable – Second Nature and will open on the dawn of the 14th Sept at 6.30am in Istanbul. See more info here:
So anyway, just before I board, I want to tell you some of the things that are in my suitcase – because of course you might be interested. Other than the usual things, I had to dump a few clothes off with Todd at the airport because the bag was too heavy and I was too stubborn to pay the excess when I was only a kg or 2 over! So I have hardly any clothes lol but who cares, my yoga mat, the 8kg mauri stone wrapped in a purple cloth that I got from Belau 7 years ago, fishing line, wax string, two flip cameras, a stills camera, laptop (essential), dark peppermint chocolate, business cards, 15 rocks to paint, paint, 4 packs of blu tack for Sonja, today’s rock and yesterday’s rock in each pocket (well, not exactly in the suitcase!), “Journey into Power” book, a few cords and power things, a bone carving, a beautiful totara piece to go around my neck that Todd made me, my greenstone, paint container, paint brushes…and probably and a few more bits and pieces…
So there you go…I’m ready to board, will talk to you all again soon perhaps when I arrive to Singapore but the next rock for tomorrow will be painted in Doha for my next transit stop of 14 hours.
Hope you all enjoy the RWC opening tonight and I hear there’s another flash mob haka happening downtown in Gisborne at the townclock, not sure when but go and check it out!
Jo x

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