This is a pretty fired up rock! It contains all sorts of things – fed up, had enough, drive, passion, annoyed, over it, move on, get off your ass and do something, so you can’t be bothered, head down butt up, stop being lazy, get your a into g and do something about it, grow up, move on, get a grip, stop making excuses, go and live somewhere where you have to walk miles to fetch water and food, be grateful, stop making excuses – did I already say that, get over it, move on, over and out, done, no more excuses, over it, over it – so over it!
koru hand painted rocks
Right…now I’ve got that out for the day… breathe…
How much do you really want something and what are willing to do to get it?
And when I say I’m over it, I don’t mean it literally and I’m not talking about the rocks. The rocks are my outlet for the day sometimes, as you can see!
Creative explosions are SO allowed!
Jo x

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