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I was low on energy today but was very inspired by a host of wahine Māori on Native Affairs tonight who are either politicians in Parliament or aspiring new politicians – all very strong women.
koru hand painted rocks
It was pleasing to see and made me think, if we had more wāhine Māori in Parliament, not only would we have a powerful and vocal Parliament but we would have a dynamic group of wāhine leading our country – yes!
I’m also very concerned about the oil spillage in Tauranga and the effect that this is having on the environment and the people in Tauranga Moana right now. Come on! Surely this is a wake up call? Surely?
And my last whakaaro – now that I’ve settled from last night’s win by the All Blacks, I must say that I wasn’t just cheering for the All Blacks I was also cheering for Wales and France and was equally passionate about these games – something my competitive sporting upbringing has instilled in me!

But if our country and our Government invested as much time, effort and energy into the environment and the health of our people as they do in rugby, then imagine what our country would be like?

And yes I was caught up in the hype of it all, but the reality is, there are so many other things that are much more important – our environment is at the top of that list. While the All Blacks were playing Argentina, there was another earthquake in Christchurch, while the All Blacks were playing Argentina, there was an oil leak happening in Tauranga moana.
Where do our priorities sit for the future? And will we listen to the environment and will we listen to the people?
Jo x

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