Black Gold Turned To Custard

Oil. Slimy, greasy black pile of fresh cow dung substance, you remind me of tar – melted on a hot day. You smell SO disgusting, how could I possibly be addicted to you? Why do I treat you as necessary?
koru hand painted rocks
Imagine a large drill penetrating deep; deep into your being, affecting every part of you – mind, body spirit, tampering with the balance, unable to stand the pressure, the pain, like a sharp sharp needle… so sharp you shake uncontrollably, unable to bear the pain…destroying your beauty, who you are…
Oozing with greed and ego, nasty nasty human nature – how could you be so cruel? How could you have such disrespect, how could you take from that which gives you life? How could you be so ungrateful?
And it’s all coming back to you now, your greedy ways, spilling out at the seams for all to see, revealing how greedy you are, money money money… is that all that matters to you? Do you not feel? You of all people should know, what goes around comes around…signs of change, a revolution, a change is on the rise and you, greedy greedy humans, you will pay the price.
Jo x

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