Focus On Healing

This is another post I’ve been wanting to share for a while.
We live in a disease focused society, a struggle mentality, victim mode, especially here in Aotearoa where we have a history of colonisation – something that has had a huge impact on Māori and ultimately the rest of the country.
koru hand painted rocks
We are so focused on being the ambulance at the bottom of the hill, putting a band aid on the problem rather than getting to the root of problems and turning our focus to healing.
I’m so fascinated by new discoveries in biology that tell us our genes do not create our biology but rather our perceptions, beliefs and our responses to the external environment. So when we say cancer is in our family, if genes do not determine whether your whanau has cancer or not, it has to be a belief that has been handed down and not the actual gene itself. Fascinating stuff, but this is not new knowledge! Science is just catching up I believe!
I heard a frightening statistic just the other day and that is that seven women in Aotearoa every day are diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s scary and I can’t help but think, what is the belief system, what has gone on inside that woman to cause this imbalance within the body to bring about this cancer? And it’s an imbalance in one of the most complex systems there is – the human body. But if we can create this disease and imbalance within our own bodies then we also have the ability to fix it – without medical intervention. I believe that.
So what I’m saying is: get out of the struggle, the victim mode, get out of the poverty mentality and start writing the new stories, change your beliefs, start healing self and lets sing the new songs, those songs that help us heal, that move us forward, onward and upward – positively – into the future.
And the healing always begins with me because my healing is also healing for others. Yes, the healing begins with me.
Jo x

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