We were out again today capturing kōrero from a koroua about a traditional form of fishing. I’m constantly in awe with the way our tūpuna (ancestors) lived – they were very on to it!
koru hand painted rocks
Anyway, we came home with three kahawai today and when we were given them we were like WOW – thank-you SO much and YUM! It’s not everyday you get kahawai given to you.
But part of the kōrero that came out was about community living and how back in the day sharing kai in the community was the norm. One whānau would have grown certain types of kai and another whānau would have grown other types and then the kai was shared.
You rarely see this these days so lets start doing it again! Even if it’s just swapping one vegetable or fruit with another vegetable or fruit. It’s a step forward again to living WITH each other.
Right! Off to have a kai of kahawai – yes at 9pm in the evening! Thank-you for the kind whānau that gave us kahawai which by the way was reciprocated with raspberries and kamokamo grown from our own garden.
Jo x

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