Māori time

I know you fallas know what I’m talking about!
Trudy and I were talking about this concept of time today – geological time versus human time – and then there is Māori time!
Most times you go to a hui and most times things run OVER time! I say most times because there are some hui where things do run on time and as planned! So generally speaking I am!
koru hand painted rocks
Anyway, I think it has its place. We are an oral people and we love to talk and share kōrero (and some of us talk TOO much lol) This is how we connect and share. So this restricting idea of doing things within a timeframe is actually another boundary and our Māori concept of time is totally different to the time as we know it today. We looked to the moon and the stars and nature for when things needed to be done to guide us in our lives and things happened when they happened!
But in saying this, I’ve adapted to today’s concept of time and most times I have a plan although someone reminded me the other day about how my life has cruised along and one thing has led to another, all in its own good time! I think there is an element of trust in there too…
So what you do think about time and those who have experienced “Māori time” what do you think about this?
Jo x

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