8.30am At midnight last night (Thurs 26th) after I had packed my bags, I had this overwhelming feeling…I realized that everything I had done in my life was bringing me to this next journey. It was a pretty big revelation for me.
koru hand painted rock
And as I sit here at the airport writing this, I look out the window and see these formations and I realise they are old pa sites. They have a bulldozer on top of them digging them up and I understand in this moment, that my tupuna are with me on this journey, guiding me every step of the way and reminding me of my purpose and why I am here. To nurture both land and people, to bring both back to life again and to connect one with the other…
10.06pm Noosa time
Well I’m completely brain dead and know that I’m going to sleep well tonight! And I know why I’m tired – because its after midnight back home in NZ…it’s also been a busy last few days, getting ready to come over here and then actually arriving here for the opening ceremony at this amazing whenua and water at Boreen Point I already know its going to be a special next 10 days…
Jo x
PS – I really am brain dead – pō mārie! Oh and just want to mention the photo of the rock was taken on my balcony where I’m staying, I have a lake right there and the bush! Everything is perfect, the timing is perfect, the space, the energy, everything…

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