I got lost today. It took me three hours to travel from Hamilton to Miranda – I actually ended up driving in a BIG circle!
koru hand painted rock
But it was interesting…I travelled to parts of the landscape I had never been to before. So as frustrated as I was driving round and round in circles it reminded me of those undiscovered inner landscapes we all have, those ones we don’t allow ourselves to visit. We go against the flow of things so much, causing much stress and don’t allow ourselves to grow into these new experiences…
I actually got quite annoyed with it all! Trying to get to a place that I felt I should have arrived at three hours ago but realised if I had gone with the flow and enjoyed the journey I would have got there, all in good time and would have experienced a whole lot along the way.
Was awesome seeing the sisters Ngahuia and Terri today. We get so busy with our lives so it was nice to be able to sit and korero and spend time even for a short while…and now I’m in Miranda – yes I did make it eventually and enjoying the company of Trudy and Jim on this beautiful whenua…hei āpōpō…
Jo x

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