It’s my mother’s birthday today and she is 75! This rock is for her…
I am so grateful for my mother even more now that I am old-er (not old but old-er!) Sometimes I wish I could turn back time to when I was a teenager and show her the unconditional love that she has shown me all her life. I was such a rebel as a teenager believe it or not!
Two years ago we noticed a change in our mother, she was getting more forgetful and displaying unusual behaviors. A few months ago our mother was diagnosed with alzheimers. It was a shock for all of us but we have come to accept this and who she is now.
My mother is so special. I honour her for her resilience and her beauty. The alzheimers has changed her and even though we have lost the mother we once knew, we have a new mother who responds to affection, love and laughter. She is SO funny at times! And playing the guitar is her pride and joy! She is often up and down depending on what is happening around her but is easily persuaded into a song on the guitar. You can show her a photo from 50 years ago and she will tell you who is in it and where that photo was taken.
I rang her today at the resthome for her birthday and I was pleasantly surprised when she knew straight away who I was! Normally I have to say who I am. I sung happy birthday to her and I think she took the phone away from her ear lol but she responded with a, “I don’t feel 75 years old, I’m still young.” And she is! She looks SO well, she is active and alive 🙂
She inspires me everyday. I remember when I was young and she used to walk to work every day and walk home again. And it was not a short walk! I used to walk with her sometimes, we didn’t talk much on the way but I just remember her walking. She was so determined.
koru hand painted rocks
She was always there when we were younger, supporting us in everything we did. I remember when I was living in Auckland, she would ring me nearly everyday to see if I was alright and that the house hadn’t been robbed lol and that I was safe!
When I spoke to her today I told her I love her and she responded, “thank-you dear”, so sincere, appreciative and honest.
I love you Mum – you are my valentines and you are my queen – happy birthday.

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