Teia comes home from school yesterday and I was playing the beautiful sounds of Majic and her brother Robbie. She goes, “that’s that girl aye?” And I said, “yeah what’s her name?” And she says, “Majic! Aaaaaahhh!” – and a BIG smile on her face.
koru hand painted rocks
Then she says, “she’s rich aye?” Me – “huh? – Just because someone is an awesome singer and has their music on a CD, it doesn’t mean they’re rich.” She accepted that and then said, “she’s famous aye?”

And all I could say was, one day – she will be. The whole world will hear her beautiful waiata and they will love her! And at such a young age there is so much potential ahead in the future…
We were absolutely honoured to have Majic, Robbie and Ropata in our home, just for a day… and in that one day, I was moved and inspired deeply. Speechless.
And for me, this is real, these are beautiful people doing their thing, not trying to be anyone else but themselves, carrying their kaupapa around the motu and eventually overseas and man, that inspires me.
So I just want to say, rā whānau ki a koe Majic – you inspire me, you and your whānau inspire me and I know that when others hear you sing, they will be inspired by you too. Stay true to who you are and keep going after those dreams because like you say – dreams are for free…
Jo x
PS – please go and like MajicsMusic page here on FB If you go to her band profile you will also be able to download some of her beautiful waiata – for free 🙂 And wish her happy birthday for today while you’re there!

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