A gift to another – it does not take a lifetime for a gift given to have an affect on another. Sometimes it can happen in an instant where something given or shared can transform someone’s life forever.

It may be a hug, a smile, a surprise visit, an unexpected gift, loving thoughts sent to another, inspiration, words of encouragement, or no words at all…
koru hand painted rocks
When I started painting a rock a day on January 1st 2011, I did not know how much of an effect this would have on people’s lives. My goal was to be creating everyday and I thought if I shared what I was doing with others – great! And I was holding myself accountable to the task by telling the world! So the world was holding me accountable too!
In hindsight, it has been the most wonderful thing – and I’m so happy that at least one of these rocks, photos and stories has had an effect on someone in some way.
We all have gifts to share and one of my biggest fears about sharing this project was, what will people think? But I’m so glad I never let that get in the way and today with 29 more days left in the year – I’ve faced my fears and put these wonderful healing stones out there!
Because they are healing… the stones, the photos, the kĊrero… they have all been worth the effort, every day for the past 336 days! So I encourage everyone to share their stories, gifts and art with others because you just never know who might be watching and who might be needing your help.
Jo x

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