Tukutuku Kōrero

I’ve been in a state of excitement and tiredness today. Tired probably because I am full of chocolate haha but excited because I am inspired and uplifted and hopeful for the future.
koru hand painted rocks
Some days are just like nah – so many things happen where you just want to go and have a moe and not do anything, things seem like they’re not going your way and other days are like full of life and energy and always so positive.
No wonder so many people lose the plot sometimes – to be quite frank about it! It’s actually a challenge living life and keeping it all together at times, balanced and focused on life and living life, being happy with all the pressures of everything around you that challenge everyday? Isn’t it?
My gosh – we have got to one of the most complicated beings on this planet and sometimes I think (see I think) if we didn’t have brains or the ability to think too much, life would be so much easier.
But such is the challenge of life ne? We either choose to live it as it is with it’s troughs and valleys or we stumble around aimlessly, lifeless, blaming everything outside ourselves for why life has dealt us such a bad deal.
Get up and get going because life is waiting – for YOU! And while you’re at it can you also take good care of yourself and the environment too. Please.
Jo x

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