My Rock

Dear Mum,
It was lovely talking to you today. You always remind me of what’s real, love, unconditional love and what I should be grateful for.
I reminded you today of who I am, as I do each day I talk to you. And we reminisced about the old days when you would come and support me at netball, every Saturday you were there. You always supported me at all my school and sporting endeavours. You were my rock – you are still my rock.
koru hand painted rocks
And even though you may forget me in a moment, I know that deep inside you there are still memories and you know me, you still know me.
And when I hang up and say goodbye and tell you “I love you māma” you say, “yeah” (about five times!) and then you say, “me too darling.”

That’s real.

Embracing that physical body of yours that has endured many things, there is a strong beautiful spirit that still lives and it doesn’t matter if the words you say don’t make sense sometimes because I feel the love, I feel your love māma – and I love you.
Jo x

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