Just Laugh

I was reading John’s book today and I laughed so hard, like deep down in my puku laugh, childhood laugh and SO loud I reckon the neighbours could hear and if anyone walked in on me, they would have thought I wasn’t all there – ha! But it was SO funny!
koru hand painted rock
And I haven’t laughed like that for such a long time which is kinda sad because our days should be filled with laughter and it makes you feel so good to laugh doesn’t it?
It was such a good feeling that I’m going to make a point of finding something to laugh about every day. I even laughed at myself laughing because it was actually really funny how I was laughing! You know when children laugh with all of themselves, deep down… I remember laughing like that as a child… but somehow we lose that desire, or ability or whatever it is that makes us laugh.
So I’m finding my laughing self all over again… thanks John!
Jo x

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