I Appreciate You

I want to say THANK-YOU to everyone who has stopped by these pages to share your whakaaro, your thoughts…

To those who have followed the journey right from the very beginning and those who have recently joined the ride – thank-you!!
koru hand painted rocks
I was thinking today how people come and go in flows, they’ll stay for a bit and then leave again almost like they came for a specific purpose, a certain time of year, a certain rock that perhaps had a message for them and then once they’ve received that message they’re gone again.
And then there’s those long term residents (haha – you know who you are!) who are always there and even when they’re not physically there, I can feel them in the periphery somewhere…
There are those who have never left a comment, those who are watching, observing, taking it all in, looking in from the outside…

And then there are those who show their face for just a little while and then they disappear as quickly as they appeared.
So thank-you all for making this offering so much more richer than I could ever make it on my own. I appreciate every word that is shared and I try to reply to everyone even if its just an acknowledgement with a push of the “like” button, just to let you know, I appreciate you. Thank-you.
Jo x

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