In the Palm of My Hand

I got home today and sat thinking hmmmm what am I gonna do? Not like I haven’t got lots of things to do because I’ve got heaps to do and then Todd chimes in and says, “you can do whatever you want to!” And I thought, too right I can – I am in control, I am the master of my own destiny. I can choose what I want to do at any given time…
koru hand painted rock
So I wrapped myself up in heaps of clothes, climbed into my warm bed in the lounge, computer on lap and started working. I could have gone to sleep or just watched a DVD (tempting!) but I decided to do my mahi instead.

But the luxury for me is being able to hop into my bed in the early afternoon and choose my place of work, how I choose to work and when. That is my choice.
We are the makers of our destiny – all of us, life is in the palm of our hands – literally. Grab it while you can!
This stone is exactly as the title says; it fits snuggly into my hand like a totem, a tohu that I can hold to remind me of the passion I have to make a difference in this world and to make every moment count – on my terms of course. A bit radical I know but life really is about allowing yourself the choice of how you choose to live.
Jo x

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