A Bit of a Waffle Kōrero

Colours of passion and fire and action and balance. I photographed this rock outside in between rains although the rain was ready to fall again as I took this – you can see by the drops…
So what to talk about today…
koru hand painted rocks
A longing to be home again, sometimes…memories of childhood eating chocolate everyday. Everyday we always used to get chocolate in our lunch boxes but I will talk more about this on Monday…you’ll soon know why…
I wonder about the weather and why our strawberries are growing in the middle of winter. I already know why – those polar shifts are happening, weather is changing… some people will say it is evolution but I don’t think so. I’ve already talked about this in another post, evolution – go and find that post, some people didn’t agree with me!
Sometimes you wonder if you are doing the right thing, if what you are doing in this world is making a difference and helping people. I hope so. I would hate for my life to be a total waste of time, what is the point of that. Every moment important.
So that is my ramble for the day, straight from the mouth without actually thinking about what I just said, but thats normally how it happens anyway although this doesn’t necessarily make sense and who says it has to anyway?
Jo x

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