Healing Revealed

Not often do I speak directly about the rock that I have painted, the photos that I have taken and my interpretation of them. Most times I allow them to speak for themselves. But today was different.
koru hand painted rocks
I did my usual adventure outside to find a rock to paint and I went straight to the “small rock” pile. I have piles all over the place! But today was small rock pile day! And the rock that you see in the photo jumped out at me – as they always do! I also brought two other rocks inside, kind of like companions (later I realised as kaitiaki) but this is the rock that I felt strongly about painting for today.
So painting the rock was simple; there was nothing different about it in fact, it felt like any other of my koru rocks that I have painted.
But the kĊrero came in the photos…
As I started to take photos of this rock, I realised that these photos were an extension of my emotions and were speaking to me of a time and place, past and present. That feeling was so strong for me…
What was revealed to me was a memory of past, hiding self, hiding in the dark, hiding away, the word hiding always came out. As a child alone, once open and free and slowly retreated into oneself – hiding. That is the rock you see on the left hand side. I immediately saw this, when I looked at the photo – it catapulted me back in time – it was a really big shock!
And then the photos that followed were lighter. I was facing the light instead of sitting in the dark… and at this time I realised that the rock was me…and I was now turned to the sun, with the shadows behind me. The curtain had been drawn and there I was revealed for all to see…
It was such an important moment as I sat here and looked at what had been told to me, revealed and healed all in a short space of time.
Healing can present itself in so many ways and this is one of those many special moments of awareness and understanding that tell me – yes, there is another power at work here and if we are tuned into it, slow down and be quiet enough to hear it, see it, feel it, we can experience healing in every moment of every day.
Jo x

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