Going With the Flow

I had to look back through all 200 and something rocks to see if I had titled a post, “going with the flow” – and I hadn’t!
koru hand painted rock
So there you go – going with the flow has been me over the past few days, preparing myself for the long journey ahead, not wanting to stress about things that need to be done before I leave and just doing one thing at a time until it’s done!
And sometimes things haven’t gone according to plan but that’s just the way it is. I’ve been going with it, and things have turned out fine in the end.
So it’s another go with the flow day today – allowing life to unfold as it is.
Jo x

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  1. I am very atracted by the symbol painted at this rock and the message is great.
    September 05 is my birthday so I loved this special painting rock as if it were one gift for me!
    Wish I could have it with me!

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