Election Looming

Compassion and Love – the two things I believe that have the ability to heal.
koru hand painted rocks
Apparently the world is supposed to be ending next year and if not next year, with the way we’re carrying on, we’re certainly heading that way somewhere into the near future…

I can’t help but think at a time when we are perhaps so vulnerable, natural disasters happening so often now that even the skeptics have started to listen a little bit. So many contrasts of poverty and wealth, greed, decisions made for all the wrong reasons – I have to ask the question, how does that happen and what can be done to bring everything back into balance?”
Love and compassion for everything – I believe these two things have the ability to heal. I really do.

And I need to say to those people who lead our country right now – the party who has the most aroha and compassion for all things is going to get my vote. Fullstop.
Jo x

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