He atua – he tangata
He atua – he tangata
Those words are sounding in my ears as I write this. It reflects some of the korero of today’s eco-sapiens round table forum for ISEA.
koru hand painted rocks
Atua – it is not what our European colonisers have labeled a single “god” but rather a collection, a community, aspects of the environment that guide us in our everyday lives and that perhaps hold the key to change – change needed to continue life as we know it. A system that has come about from lack of respect for our environment which in my view is also a lack of respect of self and who we are.
So it was interesting kōrero today. And in the words of Matua Huirangi Waikerepuru, “Atua – to reflect and respect what atua expect.”
The word “atua” culminates many things, not just one thing…they are the elements of natural law reflected in ngā ātua – peace, land, water, balance…
And the question was asked, how do we as humans view atua, how do we relate to atua and an answer came forth, if we see ourselves as atua in that we have the power to bring about change, with this understanding, we can make a difference and change begins with us.
I feel that this, was the most important question and we have just as much responsibility to find the answer to this question as well as answer the question ourselves through the lives we live and the actions we take in this life.
Jo x

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